About Our Dealership in D’Iberville

Our quality new and pre-owned (used) car dealerships have been a leader in automotive sales with operations in D’lberville, Biloxi and Gulfport for over 22 years. With a commitment to the satisfaction of our customers, our new and pre-owned auto dealerships ensure that each customer receives the same treatment in regards to payment.

Because we are committed to customer satisfaction at our car dealerships, we strive at making each buying experience simple and easy. We do this by allowing no credit checks, no rejections, down payments as low as $1400. This not only allows a hassle free buying experience, but it also ensures that our customers are on their way to owning the vehicle within three years, which is in keeping with company’s goals.

To further simplify the buying process, we offer an online payment system for busy clients who are always on the go. This option is also accessible via a mobile phone with internet access. To obtain answers to questions that may arise in this process, customers can contact any one of our sales personnel by telephone as we provide that information online. They may even contact our internet specialist if the issue is in relation to information conveyed on our website.

The above is all in keeping with our goals and visions of helping individuals in buying the ideal vehicle according to their needs and budget. We offer financing options. These options especially benefit those with bad credit, with no credit or a first time vehicle buyer.

Our professionals at the dealerships make each step simple and easy for all customers across the board. We implore those interested in purchasing vehicles to stop by today with a valid driver’s license to start the process. Once a customer meets the criteria for purchasing a vehicle at our car, truck and SUV dealerships, they will receive 7.9% without being locked into a contract and the opportunity to own the car in three years. Call us today at 800-426-9730 for more information!

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