Acura TSX for sale in Biloxi, MS

The Acura TSX for sale in Biloxi, MS from our auto dealership is a state of the art luxury sedan from Acura, the high end luxury division of Honda. The Acura TSX is designed to provide drivers and passengers with an unparalleled sense of class and luxury, and with the latest technological enhancements all fitted in, the Acura TSX is the perfect vehicle for people who need something that is not only classy and stylish, but also provides a very smooth drive. The Acura TSX is perfect for those who need a fuel efficient vehicle, because this compact sedan from Acura combines the latest technology with old fashioned power to provide an experience unlike any other in its class.

The Acura TSX is available in two different engine configurations; you can either opt for the 2.4 L 4 cylinder engine or you can opt for the 3.5 L V6 engine, which is obviously a lot more powerful. The company also provides a choice of transmission; you can either go for the standard 6 speed manual transmission or opt for the sequential Sport Shift Automatic Transmission, which provides seamless transition between gears. With reinforced suspension systems, a more powerful steering system as well as a smooth and quiet ride, the Acura TSX is easily one of the finest vehicles available in the market.

In addition to this, the Acura TSX also includes a vast array of features inside. For instance, it includes a state of the art surround sound Acura/ ELS system, as well as support for Music Voice Commands. There is navigation functionality and control installed too, while features such as AcuraLink real time weather and traffic just enhance your information while driving. The Acura TSX for sale in Biloxi, MS from our auto dealership is a great vehicle all around.

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